Let’s Do That Again!

So- we did it! We put on a play! Nobody Inn opened for the first time ever in August. The show was a modest success! It made a small profit and recieved amazing reviews. We didn’t really spend much on the production this time around. We spent next to nothing. Pretty much everything was the […]

Making a play!

Welcome to my blog. I kept promising myself I’d actually use it. Now I’m using it. So, I’ve written a play! An actual two act play! That play now has a cast, a date is set, and it’s really happening. What have I done? Nobody Inn is being performed at the Arden Theatre this August […]

Peter Pan

Peter Pan A Pantomime Join Luke as Mr Smee in Up The Creek’s annual pantomime! Coming February 2019

Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington A Pantomime Join Luke as Idle Jack in Herne Bay Little Theatre’s annual pantomime! Get Tickets