Luke Fruin is a performer with a highly variable range. From drama, thriller, comedy, and pantomime- there’s nothing this actor won’t have a crack at.

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Previous performances

  • Peter Pan (Pantomime)- Mr Smee*
  • Les Miserbables- Marius/Paul*
  • 15 Minute Hamlet- Multiple*

  • Dick Whittington (pantomime)- Idle Jack
  • Sense and Sensibility- Robert Ferrars/John Dashwood
  • Double The Trouble- Malcolm/Freddie
  • Tommy- Various/Ensemble
  • Our Country's Good- Lt. Raplph Clarke
  • The Importance of Being Earnest- Algernon
  • Year of the Hiker- Simey Lacey

  • Sleeping Beauty- Muddles
  • Dead Guilty- Gary
  • Outside Edge- Alex
  • Visiting Hour
    • Show Business- Nurse
    • Going Home- Husband
  • All Shook Up- Ensemble
  • The Importance of Being Earnest- Algernon

  • Jack and the Beanstalk - Simple Simon
  • Pride and Prejudice - Mr Bingley
  • Paul: Live at the Bandstand - Paul
  • Haywire - Jamie
  • Lyfe (Short Film) - Nathan

  • Cinderella - Buttons
  • Groping for Words - Kevin Muldoon
  • Murder at the Seaside - Dr. Frank A. French

  • Treasure Island - Captain Mullet
  • Diary of Anne Frank - Peter
  • Alice - Lewis Carroll
  • Moon for River - Johnny

  • Grease - Sonny
  • The Intruders - Bill Smith
  • Chicago - Amos Hart

  • We Will Rock You - Pop


Writing Credits

The touching story of a dying man in his fight to recall a life he has forgotten and perhaps wishing he hadn't remembered.

A humorous, condensed retelling of Shakespeare's classic tragedy. Written to be performed by children and first performed by Luke's 6-9 year old students.

A dark but humorous tale of a crew of swashbuckling children on treacherous seas facing untold terrors.

More information to come soon.




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