Let’s Do That Again!

So- we did it! We put on a play!

Nobody Inn opened for the first time ever in August. The show was a modest success! It made a small profit and recieved amazing reviews.

We didn’t really spend much on the production this time around. We spent next to nothing. Pretty much everything was the result begging and borrowing. At the time, I was working full-time for Akkail without pay and spent my days working around the clock to get this play on the stage. I built the set single-handedly. The cast all mucked in on the painting and sourcing props/costume.

We managed to take this play to stage with no budget and a huge amount og passion. I get excited at the thought of what we could achieve with a budget.

Between you and me (because this info has only been discussed internally at Akkail), we have plans to give it another go in 2020. No solid details yet, nothing confirmed, but we are very much hoping to take Nobody Inn back to the stage.

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